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This is an issue that every citizen of Buncombe County is very familiar with.  Our roads are constantly congested.  Our unique landscape creates a very challenging traffic flow issue that results in bottlenecks and choke points, and the faster we grow, the worse it gets.

Everyone is familiar with rush hour on Hendersonville Road, Merrimon Avenue, Tunnel Road, Old Leicester Highway, and Patton Avenue.  Getting to work or getting home afterwords is a gamble at the best of times, and can take hours at the worst.  

We need to explore every opportunity to expand secondary thoroughfares to help alleviate this congestion, and we need to be very sensitive to the communities that will be impacted in doing so. 

We must explore adding more sidewalks and bike lanes to our secondary roads, as well as develop a comprehensive greenway program to help people move away from automobile dependent transportation.  We need to expand our public transit system to accommodate more of our rural communities by adding additional low emission vehicles and broadening our partnership with Mountain Mobility. We need to expand the ART into our rural communities by creating central hubs with more frequent service routes. We need to do everything we can to limit the number of cars on the road and maximize the ease of commuters.

Committee to Elect Catori Swann
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