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Cost of Living

This is an issue that is central to Asheville, but as we continue to grow and develop, our more rural communities are beginning to feel the pressure of rising cost of living.  Generations-old farmlands are being encroached upon by out of state developers, eager to create a landscape of profit.

As the influence of Asheville spreads farther and farther out into Buncombe County, the housing market reflects this by a rapid inflation of home values, making renting and owning a home in Buncombe County extremely challenging for the majority of its community.  

A close friend of mine just purchased five acres of land with a three bedroom, two bath farm house just outside of Raleigh. When I learned how much they paid for that parcel, my head spun:  $50,000.  In Buncombe County, the same parcel of land with an identical farm house would be over ten times that amount. 

Steps must be taken to mitigate this cost of living increase by expanding and enforcing our Affordable Housing programs, raising the ratio of such building, and eliminating the 15 year limit on these statutes. We must partner with private contractors and lenders to create first time homeowner incentives.

Our citizens should not need to work three or four jobs just to be able to make the rent, with nothing left over for savings. We need to explore caps on property taxes, farmland protections, expansion of affordable housing for the artist and working class, and further subsidies for our small farmers.


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