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Campaign Finance

Ever since Citizens United, this country has been dominated by special interest and corporate influence on our elections. No longer is an election about the qualifications of the candidate, but is dictated by the ability of said candidate to raise exorbitant sums of money. This dynamic has effectively eliminated any possibility of the will of the people to be realized, as it has taken a back seat to the will of major donors.

This issue permeates every level of government to the point where the common good has been abandoned at the alter of the golden idol.  It is time the people took back their government from the super rich, the corporations, and special interest groups.

I propose a simple system of campaign finance that provides a truly level playing field to all parties seeking election.  Campaigns should have a set funding, provided through taxpayer funds.  All candidates would be given the same funding and resources for the office sought, regardless of political affiliation or social standing. How this funding is spent is up to the candidate.  Each campaign would be allotted equal air time on public media platforms. 

In addition, any corporate or lobbyist funds would be prohibited.  Only direct donations from individuals would be allowed, and those would be capped annually.  Thus the will of the people can be justly measured as a barometer of their will to elect any candidate, and the will of any single individual will not overpower the will of the general public.  

It is time the will of the common man was weighed with its due measure against the will of the 1% and their unlimited funds.  It is time the government was returned to its intended role of representing the people of America.  It is time the government was of the people, by the people and for the people.

As a grassroots campaign, I solemnly swear to accept ONLY individual contributions. No corporate, PAC or lobbyist funding will be accepted.  Any such funds received will be immediately donated to an appropriate charity to benefit the people of Buncombe County.

Committee to Elect Catori Swann
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