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Learn where I stand on important issues in Buncombe County.


Education is the single most important element in determining the success of a community.  Our teachers are the front line fighters in the battle against ignorance and hate, and should be recognized as the heroes they are.


Buncombe county is growing at explosive rates, and we must adapt our infrastructure to accommodate.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Buncombe County has increased exponentially in recent years, and many working class and artist communities are being priced out of the market.  Measures must be taken to help mitigate the inflation running rampant in the housing market.

Environmental Stewardship

A large part of what makes Buncombe County such an ideal location is its natural environment. We must be vigilant stewards of our natural resources to ensure our children can enjoy the splendor of these Blue Ridge Mountains.

Arts Funding

The Arts are a vital part of our economy and culture. With the current environment in Raleigh and Washington, we need to ensure the artist community of Buncombe County is supported and protected.

Campaign Finance

Our nation is crippled by the corruption of its political system.  Corporate and special interest monies dictate legislation at both state and federal levels, to the extreme detriment of our citizens. It has become impossible to enact any meaningful change, for the will of the people is overshadowed by the will of the super rich, the corporations and SuperPacs.

Voting Rights

Our great nation can no longer be accurately described as a functioning democracy.  The will of the people has been manipulated and repressed for generations through active and passive voter repression campaigns.  The time has passed for the people to reclaim their democracy!

Health Care


America has the worst health care system in the developed world, and the only viable solution lies in a single payer system. We must put people over profit and eradicate the death grip the pharma lobby has on congress.

Committee to Elect Catori Swann
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